Lafayette: A Charming Louisianian City

Lafayette is a city located in Louisiana along the Vermillion River. It is the home to The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the second-largest university in the state, South Louisiana Community College, and Louisiana Technical College’s Lafayette campus, making it the ideal home for university students, professors, and staff. Popular attractions include the historic Vermilionville, the Lafayette Science Museum, and The Acadiana Center for the Art. Musicians and appreciators of the art will marvel at Lafayette's music scene with annual events such as LayFlats Arts and Music Festival, Indiana Fiddlers' Gathering, and the Uptown Jazz and Blues Fest, in addition to the many venues that populate the city. When you are ready to embrace the hustle and bustle of city life, Lafayette is one hour from Baton Rouge and about two hours from New Orleans via Interstate 10. With opportunities to pursue your education and close proximity to other major Louisiana cities, Lafayette is a great place to call home.